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TetikDesign shop

Nature-friendly Finnish design handmade products

Fixed Price Products

I keep my product prices low because I want them to be available for everyone.

Receive on time

As soon as you order your design product, it will start its journey. Products are ready and waiting for a lovely home.


I respect nature. This is my main value. My products have been produced from desing to production with nature-friendly way.

Seasonal Easter Design

My Easter products will bring a lot of joy and colour to your Easter. All of them are handmade with love and warm thoughts. You can find out about Easter sesonal TetikDesign products here.

Limited Edition

Sometimes I just go to walk in the forests and slow my life. I listen to the voice of wind , smell the fresh air and look the beautiful colours of the nature. This is how I get the ideas of my limited editions. You can find a piece of Finnish forests, lakes and beautiful natural colours in my designs. You can find out about limited TetikDesign products here.

TetikDesign crocheted

Crocheted Design

I use sustainable materials for my designs. TetikDesign products mainly use cotton and wool yarns. You can find out about crocheted TetikDesign products here.

Knitted Design

All of my products are handmade with love. You can find out about knitted handmade TetikDesign products here.

Sewn Design

Nature is my inspiration. For each TetikDesign product, you can find a piece of nature. You can find out about sewn TetikDesign products here.

I am driven by values

Nature-friendly / Sustainability / Soft values

Soft values are my core business


Nature-friendly Finnish design handmade products