My Story

Do you think that you need to downshift and slowdown the consumption? What are your expectations? You can find 100% handmade nature-friendly TetikDesign products made with love and care.

Small business TetikDesign products are born with my dreams for many years. I wanted to downshift my life, enjoy the Finnish nature in every seasons and share my passion for knitting, crocheting and sewing. I wanted to make small and soft products for everybody to enjoy. It has been my long lasting dream and now I am finally fulfilling it.

We are driven by values

Nature-friendly / Sustainability / Soft values. Our logo is designed based on our values. The three dots around the TetikDesign logo mean the three elements water, air and earth. We focus on providing customer 100 % satisfy. Any question, please just feel free to contact us by e-mail ,we will solve your problem in 24 h!

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We use our materials as much as that there is almost zero waste


We use sustainable raw materials

Soft values

The products are handmade with love

Nature-friendly Finnish design handmade products